Assignment #1 Due August 16 (Email final to me)

Assignment #2 (Due first day of school)

====Read chapters 1-5 of Traditions and Encounters

====Use the website companion for the textbook
Traditions and Encounters Companion Site
- there will be a quiz over the first five chapters on the first day of school (August 27). You are allowed to use any notes you write for this quiz. (no photocopies or printouts from online or other students)

Assignment #3 (Due July 30) Email final to me

  • Go to
  • Using the "Launch the Traveler Interactive" icon, search the bridges to answer the questions from the Traveler activities that can also be downloaded on the website
    • Do only the following 5 bridges
      • Technology and Culture Before 1500
      • Early Religious Encounters
      • Religion, Community, and State
      • Family and Kinship
      • Women in World History
  • Send the typed answers to me (the questions are the bullet points; type the question and the answers)

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