By: Jemima Hernandez
Thesis: During the growth of new empires, from 8000 BCE to 600 CE, interregional trade systems such as the Trans- Saharan, Silk Roads, and Indian Ocean were for the most part established in the West (Europe). However, the development of trading systems brought cultural transformations, such as language, economic innovations, and introduction of new religions to the areas of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Interregional trading system: Trade between two or more regions in which commodoties, cultural ideologies, and religions are spread.

  • Trans- Saharan Trade

    • Began during the Old Kingdom (2686 BC- 2181 BC)
    • Extended through the Darb el- Arbain route, passed through Kharga in the south and Asyut in the north.
      • Facilitaed trade between Nubians and Egyptians.
      • During Roman days, supplied Italy with olives, wheat, and wild animals.
      • Commodities: gold, ivory, spices, wheat, animals, and plants
  • Silk Roads

    • West developed the roads more rapidly than the East because of the development of the empires.
    • " Crossroads region"- covered south of the Hindu Kush and Karakorum Ranges (Pakistan and Afganistan)
      • Spread Greek culture because of the invasion by Alexander the Great of Macedon
      • Commodoties: silk, spices, ginger
        • Most significant commodity: RELIGION
          • Buddhism (China) -> India
          • Christianity (Nestorians, Europe) -> Eastern nations
        • Disease: Bubonic Plage/ Black Death
        • Carried disease and devastation into Eurasia

  • Indian Ocean Trade

    • Trade networks across Indian waters
      • South China Sea
      • East coast of India to islands of southest Asia
      • West coast of India to Persian Gulf; east coast of Africa
    • Significant role in the development of Indo- Roman trade
    • Technological innovations:
      • sailboats
      • maps

Interregional trade routes from South and East Asia to Europe and Africa.

  • Results of trade

    • Spread of religions
      • Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
    • Merging of languages
      • Swahili language = Bantu + Arabic
    • Establishment of currencies

New form of exchange for goods.