Benjamin Nguyen
The nations of Egypt and Italy did not necessarily unite in the same way but the factors that led up to them doing so were similar in many way. One could say that it was actually the ambitions of Napoleon Bonaparte and his conquests that led to their actions. It was the imposition of foreign dominance that brought the people of these nations together through their restlessness, and the main foreign entity was France in both cases.

  • Under loose Ottoman rule (1517-1882)
    • Power in beys (local rulers)
    • Revolts due to heavy taxation
  • French occupation (1798–1801) - spark
  • Ali establishes rule
    • Mamluk beys removed
    • Still technically viceroyof Ottomans
      • Paved path to complete independence
        "Egypt under the Dynasties of Muhammad Ali" (1805-1914)

  • Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont
    • (Pre-1859) Only Italian-controlled land was the island of Sardina and a small, western portion of northern Italy
    • Focal point of unification
  • Risorgimento- "Rising again"
    • Movement to unite Italy in 19th c.
      • Stirred up nationalism
    • Giuseppe Mazzini sparked movement - founded Young Italy society
  • Austrian-French occupation
    • Ousted in 1859 by efforts of Count Camillo di Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Establishment of Kingdom of Italy (1861) under Victor Emmanuel II
    • United most of Italy
  • End of Risorgimento (1870) with the annexation of Papal Rome and full unification of Italy

Original Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia

Growth and unification of Italy