By Michael Tadros
Thesis: Pan Nationalism and the Indian Congress Movement were both attempts in uniting a certain people. For Africa, Pan Nationalism was an attempt to unite all African counties into one nation while the Indian Congress Movement was an attempt to unite Muslims and Hindus in India. Both attempts ended in failure as both fought in war instead of uniting.

African Pan Nationalism attempt
  • Attempted after many of the nations were freed from colonial rule
    • Algeria and Libya was freed from France
    • Kenya and Congo centralized
  • Tribal differences and grudges prevented unification of Africa
  • The minority of whites in Southern Africa became leaders
  • Civil wars in South Africa between blacks and whites and between blacks and blacks
    • Made it impossible to accomplish African Pan Nationalism

Apartheid in South Africa arose
Apartheid in South Africa arose

Indian Congress Movement
Gandhi tried to keep the peace
Gandhi tried to keep the peace

  • At first all of India tried to free themselves from British rule (East India Trading Co.)
    • Included both Muslims and Hinduism
  • As independence drew near Muslims began to fear
    • Feared that they would be treated unfairly and below the Hindu people
  • Gandhi tried to assure Muslims and the Muslim Leaguethat they would be given equal rights
    • Ali Jinnah, head of Muslim League, proposed two-state solution
      • separated Muslims and Hindus into two different nations
        • Pakistan in north and east for Muslims, and India in south for Hindus
  • Separation caused massive killings as people tried to migrate to their respective countries
  • The fight continues even today